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International Real Estate Consultants provide expert advice and innovative financial solutions that enable their global clients to acquire US real estate assets in all 50 states.


Global citizens

We offer tailored financing solutions that shatter the myth that non-US citizens must pay cash to purchase properties. Achieve your real estate dreams in the US through our specialized programs.


Real Estate Brokers / US & Global

With our support and comprehensive resources, you can offer unparalleled value to your clients in the US and international markets

Unlocking Opportunities for International Investors

Unlocking Opportunities for International Investors

International Real Estate Consultants is your trusted partner for navigating the US real estate market as a global buyer. Our team of specialized advisors understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by international investors.

Learn about our comprehensive services and discover how we can assist you in accessing financing options, overcoming legal hurdles, and finding the perfect real estate investment opportunities in the US.

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Take advantage of our innovative financial solutions, expert real estate advice, and international financial expertise with no upfront fees. We help you make informed decisions and achieve success in your real estate goals.

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