How to Purchase a Vacation Rental Second Home in the US

How to Purchase a Vacation Rental Second Home in the US


Purchasing a vacation rental second home requires careful planning and consideration to ensure a successful investment. International Real Estate Consultants offers expert advice in this area with no upfront fees. 

Here are some best practices to follow: 

  1. Set Clear Investment Goals 
  • Define your goals for the property. Are you aiming for rental income, capital appreciation, personal use, or a combination? Understanding how the mix of these goals can help you succeed is critical. International Real Estate Consultants offers expert advice in the area of vacation rental investment. Having clear goals will guide your decisions throughout the process. 
  1. Location Research 
  • Choose a location that aligns with your investment and personal usage goals and has a strong vacation rental market. Restrictions on short term rentals from local authorities and Homeowners Associations play a major role in property selection. Also, research factors like proximity to attractions, amenities, transport, safety, and overall attractiveness to guests. 
  1. Financial Planning 
  • Create a detailed budget that includes the purchase price, closing costs, property taxes, insurance, ongoing maintenance, property management fees, and any potential renovations or furnishing costs. International Real Estate Consultants offers advice for non-US citizens on successful real estate choices and innovative financial options. 
  1. Property Type and Features 
  • Determine the type of property that suits your real estate investment goals, whether it's a condo, beach house, single-family home, cabin, etc. Consider amenities that will attract renters, such as a pool, proximity to the beach, recreation opportunities, and entertainment options. 
  1. Market Analysis 
  • Research the local real estate market and vacation rental trends. Look at occupancy rates, average rental prices, and seasonality to estimate potential rental income. Factor in your personal usage goals to all 


  1. Property Inspection and Due Diligence 
  • Be sure to conduct a thorough property inspection to identify any issues that might require repairs. Review property history, utilities, and permits. Due diligence is crucial to avoid surprises after purchase. International Real Estate Consultants will recommend highly qualified local real estate professionals to guide you through the entire purchasing process. 
  1. Financing and Affordability 
  • Work with International Real Estate Consultants to determine your financing options and assess affordability. Consider whether you'll use cash or take advantage of other innovative financial solutions. 
  1. Property Management Plan 
  • Property Management includes marketing, guest communication, maintenance, cleaning, and handling bookings. International Real Estate Consultants can recommend qualified local vacation rental management firms. 
  1. Furniture and Decor 
  • Furnish and decorate the property with guest comfort and aesthetics in mind, in a style that will attract guests. The simplest solution is to purchase the property already furnished and make small adjustments to the decor. Choose durable, high-quality items that can withstand regular use. 
  1. Professional Advice 
  • International Real Estate Consultants will provide expert advice on real estate, financing, and property management to help you achieve success. 11. Guest Experience 
  • Prioritize the guest experience–successful vacation rentals produce repeat guests who return year after year.. Provide clear instructions, a seamless check-in process, and maintain the property to a high standard. Vacation rental management firms can help achieve a high level of service. 

International Real Estate Consultants are experts in vacation rental real estate and offer detailed advice for non-US investors with no upfront fees.

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