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With a commitment to professionalism, expertise, and personalized service, Mike Konopik is an international real estate consultant who empowers non-US citizens to acquire residential, vacation, and investment properties in the United States. Drawing upon his extensive global background, Mike offers a distinctive perspective to global citizens seeking to own real estate in the US.
Throughout his corporate career, Mike lived and worked in diverse countries across the world. This immersive experience provided him with invaluable knowledge of international finance, foreign exchange, and foreign exchange controls. Then came a career change to luxury real estate.
To his surprise, Mike discovered that US real estate and lending professionals hold the misconception that non-US citizens were required to purchase US properties in cash. Seeing a need in the US real estate marketplace, Mike has collaborated closely with senior executives at prominent lenders, leading to the development of groundbreaking programs. These innovative initiatives enable their clients to utilize specialty financing options to acquire US real estate assets a game-changing opportunity.
For the vast majority of US real estate brokers and lenders, these programs are not widely accessible or comprehended. Thus, Mike Konopik and IREC (International Real Estate Consultants) proudly offer expert advice and assistance, ensuring their clients achieve success and realize their American real estate aspirations.

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